Basically, a Shriner joins the Red Fez Shrine Club for two reasons. The first and foremost reason should be to

help support the Shriners Hospitals for Children and, secondly, a desire to meet and make new friends.

The Red Fez Shrine Club is very important because it fulfills both of these goals. In addition to the money

raised for the Shriners Hospitals for Children, the Club gives each member and his family an opportunity to enrich

their lives by building wonderful relationships  with fellow Shrine families who share the same goals in life.

The Red Fez Shrine Club prides itself on being a family oriented Club


Every year the Club hosts many special events, theme parties, and dinners. Some are very casual, but some

are very eloquent black tie affairs. Some of the events are geared toward children, others are for both children and

adults, and some are primarily for adults. For the past several years, the Red Fez Club has  had a policy of just

trying to break even on Club social activities. This has allowed us to have better food and terrific live entertainment or

disc jockeys at a  very reasonable charge to our members and their guests. The Club schedules a minimum of one

social event every month, but most of the time, two or three events are planned




For a good many years, members of the Red Fez Club

have taken fun trips together. These trips are very important

 because they are a conduit for building  wonderful relationships

 with your Shrine brothers. They have been as short as

weekends and as long as ten days. We have traveled by

 chartered bus, ship,  boat, airplane, train, and even by car.


We have cruised around Hawaii, Bermuda, and almost all

of the Caribbean. We have travelled to New Orleans by train

  for Mardi Gras, and flown to Las Vegas. We always

have a large group going to SASA and all the Ceremonials.

All members, their families, and their  friends are invited to

go on these trips. They are always well publicized,

a lot of fun, and an affordable cost.




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