Wedding Facilities

For those couples who are looking for an extraordinary, very special place to say "I DO" and have an unforgettable wedding reception party, the Red Fez Shrine Club is the place.

The Red Fez Shrine Club Camelettes would like to cater your wedding. Check us out under Camelettes

It is the most unique wedding and wedding reception facility anywhere in the area. Weddings can take place either inside or outside. No other facility can match the Red Fez Shrine Club's ambiance and its beautiful lakeside surroundings.

The clubhouse faces west overlooking one of the most beautiful sections of Lake Wylie especially at sunset. The facility, also, has a Wedding Patio. The clubhouse has a Wraparound Porch, Extra Large Ball Room, Dining Rooms, Hot Bar, Cold Salad Bar, Kitchen, and Cocktail Lounge.

The Wedding Patio with an arbor overlooks the river. The patio is twenty-five feet square and is large enough for the ceremony, wedding aisle, and over fifty chairs. The patio is accessed by either an extra wide sidewalk from the front of the clubhouse, or by wide steps leading from the wraparound porch. The porch wraps around two sides of the clubhouse. The lake front side is eighty feet long and has nine fixed tables with chairs and umbrellas and will seat about 60 persons.

The clubhouse is fully air conditioned in the summer and heated during the winter. Upon entering the clubhouse, you are struck by the immense size of the ball room. The dance floor is twenty five feet wide by thirty five feet long with hardwood floors.The ball room has a large fireplace with gas logs at one end, low level mood lighting, overhead fans, a CD sound system, and electrical hookups for either a band or DJ. Many couples are married in front of the fireplace during bad weather or during the winter months.

There are two connecting dining rooms located at the open end of the ball room. The main dining room is twenty five feet wide by thirty five feet long and has a beautiful wood floor. Windows stretch all the way across the north side of the room. The dining room is equipped with a steam table for hot foods, a cold table for chilled food, and twelve - five foot diameter tables with chairs. The main dining room will seat up to 120 people. The side dining room is open to the main dining room on one side and the cocktail lounge on one end. It has three french door openings onto the wraparound porch. The side dining room will accommodate about 60 persons. Additional tables and chairs are available.

The kitchen is located off the right side of the main dining room. Caterers may use the kitchen tables and sinks for preparing food to be served, but unfortunately, not for cooking. A walk-in cooler and ice machine are available.

The cocktail lounge is open to the ball room and the side dining room and has an entrance from the wraparound porch. The Red Fez Shrine Club only uses highly qualified professional bartenders who adhere to all North Carolina ABC Laws. The bar is fully stocked with a large variety of alcoholic beverages.

To add convenience to luxury to your special event we have added two newly renovated and redecorated bridal rooms available upstairs for the Bride and bridal party. Additionally there is a private full bathroom available near the suites. These provide you comfort as well the privacy you need and deserve.

For More Information on Wedding Facility and Picnic Facility rentals please contact
Denise Pelow 980-875-1257